With almost 300 staff members from all over the world, 4,500 international and local Members and 60 years of history, The Club is one of the most established and preferred leisure clubs in the UAE.

The community aspect of The Club is something we dearly uphold, and we believe this sets us apart from similar facilities. Strong mutual respect between our Members and our staff is vitally important to us. Our Members expect high standards of service in a welcoming atmosphere in which The Club looks to recruit individuals who will further enhance its service.

The Club welcomes applications from individuals who share our vision and values. Please apply in writing by enquiring on the link below. For more information about how our interviewing process works or questions on recruitment fraud please see the information below.

Careers information


We value our staff, and we encourage a ‘community like culture’ for our colleagues in a safe environment. We believe our team is at the centre of what we do and ensure to communicate, recognise and support our employees so they can advance in their careers.


At The Club, we offer roles in Food and Beverage, Operations, IT, Financial, HR, General Hospitality, Recreation, Management and much more. We’re a busy facility and there may be times you are expected to expand your knowledge and skillset to try different tasks outside of regular service.

Interested in joining us? Drop us an email with your CV by enquiring above.


We are aware of third parties illegally representing themselves as bona fide employers and engaging in fraudulent recruitment. These fraudulent activities include misusing peoples’ personal information and offering them non-existent jobs in return for money to start the proceedings of a fake job. Fake emails and similar or copied phone numbers are consistently used to give the appearance of a genuine employer.

Our HR recruitment process only hires through personal recommendations, approved recruitment companies or via email from To be clear, in our interview and hiring process, we will never ask for any candidate for money to process their application/travel/visa, all emails will use the domain of ‘’ and any form of contractual obligation will be signed in person.


Phishing is when scam artists and internet fraudsters target unsuspecting people, such as when you receive an authentic-looking email that purports to come from an official source or reputable business, but in reality, is sent by criminals from a similar looking email address and encourages you to provide personal or financial information. This information can be used for fraudulent purposes or to carry out illegal activity.

Identity theft occurs when someone uses another genuine person’s personal or professional information such as their name, email address, professional designation or other identifying information without their permission to commit fraud or other illegal activity. Identity theft can be committed in numerous ways, including e-mail, regular mail, fax or telephone.


Please remember that The Club Abu Dhabi will never send unsolicited emails which ask you to provide personal or financial information or request you to confirm details of business transactions by email. If you receive an e-mail requesting such details, please do not respond or click on any links or attachments in the email.

Other than email confirmations sent from an official The Club email address ( for bookings made via our website (, The Club does not conduct or approve financial transactions over email.

*The Club does not accept any liability for phishing emails or any other scam communications, you may receive or any loss you may suffer as a result.