FLOW – An exhibit by Suhair Fakhoury

FLOW – An exhibit by Suhair Fakhoury


12th June 2023




The Gallery

Witness the extraordinary artistic journey of Suhair, a born painter from Jordan, whose profound connection to the canvas began with an inner voice that beckoned her to create. This inner calling opened a transformative doorway, guiding her into a realm of deeper self-expression and hidden treasures within her very soul.

Through the captivating medium of painting, Suhair discovered an avenue for personal growth, witnessing her life ascend to extraordinary heights. Her art becomes a mirror, reflecting this remarkable evolution and the profound levels to which she has soared.

OPENING NIGHT | 12th June | 7PM

The art exhibition is open from 9 AM – 9 PM until the 12th July at The Gallery

for more information, please contact the Health Complex Reception.