Mind and Body Workshop

Mind and Body Workshop


19th March 2023




The Deck & Waterfront Suite


AED 260

Back due to popular demand Tanya Sibley and Chriselle Louise are delighted to announce another mind and body workshop taking place on Sunday, 19th March from 9 AM-12 PM. The focus of this retreat is all about setting health goals for the year ahead. Making smarter and healthier food choices and exercising are obvious components when trying to lose weight, and you definitely should not ignore them. But in some cases, maintaining long-term success with weight loss requires getting rid of deep emotional and subconscious factors that have been preventing you from losing weight this whole time. That is precisely where Rapid Transformational Therapy for weight loss comes in and why it is so effective.

Join Tanya and Chriselle for a day of detox yoga, healthy treats and the power of RTT to help to rewire your mind into positive thinking when it comes to weight loss and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Come and join us to set your healthy intentions for 2023.

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