‘Moments in Time’ Art Exhibition

‘Moments in Time’ Art Exhibition


1st December 2021




The Gallery

The Gallery presents ‘Moments in Time’, the debut art collection from Anna Sarris Bonache.

Anna uses Abstract Expressionism, an artistic style in which uses expressive brushstrokes and an approach that focuses on the physical act of painting. Her work depicts the subjective emotions and responses that arise within her.

The various themes that have influenced her work range from the sentimental yearning of nostalgia, healing from our past, the inevitable changes of life, mental health, fear, attachment, personal growth, identity, impermanence, relationships, dreams, loss, forgiveness, love, and many more other themes connected to the human experience.

Showcasing from 1-31st December. 

Please pop in and take a look, these beautiful oil paintings with gold leaf, make the perfect Christmas gift.