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Abu Dhabi Dramatic Society (ADDS) is one of the original sections of The Club, bringing continuous joy and entertainment to Members for over forty years. ADDS is one of the original, if not only, members club for Theatre, Drama, and Arts within Abu Dhabi, welcoming a variety of personalities, talent and nationalities from around the world and presenting a wonderful opportunity for people to come together, make friends and have a lot of fun whilst entertaining the audiences!

In fact, ADDS’ foundations are built upon exactly this: making friends, having lots of fun, belly laughs, and, of course, putting on vibrant shows and events at The Club for all ages to enjoy.

Whilst the actors might be the most visible part of what ADDS do and what the audiences see, there is a whole host of other people behind the scenes beavering away to make the shows the success that they are: technicians handling sound and lights, builders to create the set, make-up and hair artists and prompts. The producers market and promote the show within The Club and the directors are responsible for choreographing the action, music and dance numbers.

Thus, what you see on stage at The Club is the final product of the collective skills of a diverse and multi-talented group of people. From theatre productions (comedy, drama and murder mysteries) and monologues to pantomimes, there is something for everyone. Audiences range from intimate gatherings to sell-out performances of more than 200 people.

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For more information on our Adult and Junior annual membership fees, please click on the link below.


If you share the love of drama and theatre, we are always looking to welcome new members to the group. We hold auditions for keen performers, but we are not only looking for actors but for anyone who would like to be involved in any capacity – technical, backstage, costume making, hair and make-up, front of house, committee membership.

Looking to learn something about stagecraft and at the same time, meet a great new bunch of friends? Come on down to the next ADDS event or publicised audition and find out a bit more about how you can get involved!


Here at ADDS, we are a friendly group of diverse members who enjoy socialising and working closely together on productions throughout the year.


Tickets for our publicised performances can be bought from The Club Main Reception.

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