Reciprocal Clubs

Gain access to exclusive Private Clubs

We are very proud to have a number of Reciprocal Clubs around the world, covering six out of seven continents. Full Members of The Club may gain access to exclusive Private Clubs through these Reciprocal Membership arrangements. A letter of introduction is required, and Members may obtain these from the Main Reception. Members are then free to enjoy the facilities of the Reciprocal Club whilst visiting that country.

Newcastle Club Australia, NSW
Tattersalls Club Australia, Brisbane
The Royal Automobile Club of Australia Australia, Sydney
Tattersalls Club Australia, Sydney
The British Club Bahrain
Calgary Winter Club Canada, Calgary
The National Club Canada, Toronto
The Granite Club Canada, Ontario
The Plaza Club Hawaii, Honolulu
The Hong Kong Football Club Hong Kong
The Pacific Club Hong Kong
United Services Recreation Club Hong Kong
The Stephens Green Hibernian Club Ireland, Dublin
The Emerald Garden Club Jaipur, India
The Tokyo American Club Japan, Tokyo
The Seoul Club Korea
Royal Industrieele Groote Club Netherlands, Amsterdam
The Wellesley Club New Zealand
The Karachi Gymkhana Club Pakistan
The Tanglin Club Singapore
The British Club Singapore
Singapore Cricket Club Singapore
Singapore Swimming Club Singapore
The Singapore Recreation Club Singapore
The Hollandse Club Singapore
The Country Club South Africa, Johannesburg
Colombo Swimming Club Sri Lanka
The British Club Thailand, Bangkok
The Pacific Club Thailand, Bangkok
The Royal Automobile Club UK, London
The City University Club UK, London
National Liberal Club UK, London