New Gallery Exhibition

New Gallery Exhibition

The Gallery presents, ‘A Moment Suspended in Time’, the debut art collection from Annabelle Smith Bigno, exhibiting from 21st February to 20th March 2022. These beautiful paintings, make the perfect feature piece in your home. Pop in today and take a look!


Annabelle has painted and exhibited in private venues and galleries in France, Oman, Venezuela, the US and the UAE for the past 22 years.

Her painting depicts subject-matter that resonates deeply for her – both as human and parent. These symbols are interwoven into a complex landscape of threads and washes in a unique technique of texture and flow.

Her work contains important conceptual messages that appear through the chosen subject matter. We see symbols of key human values, whatever their geographical or cultural origins – and a reminder that in remaining aligned to these we can maintain inner balance, resilience and respect. To illustrate these themes, her pieces are often aligned to the quotations of Khalil Gibran – in particular those that speak of parents, children and nature.

In parallel to her role as an artist, Annabelle organises tours, talks and workshops in Abu-Dhabi and Dubai – where she explains the inspirations for her work, shares her Art&Coaching tools and gives demo’s and classes.