New Gallery Exhibition

New Gallery Exhibition

The Gallery presents, ‘Moments in Time’, the debut art collection from Anna Sarris Bonache, exhibiting from 1st-31st December 2021. These beautiful oil paintings with gold leaf on canvas, make the perfect festive gift. Pop in today and take a look!


Having lived in various regions throughout her life, Anna Sarris-Bonache is a citizen of the world. Originally of Greek and Spanish descent, Anna journeyed through the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States, shaping and cementing her identity as a Third Culture Adult. She is currently residing in Dubai, where she has called home since 2000.

Since a young age, Anna has been driven by her infectious energy and passion to unpack our most honest and vulnerable selves. Life has become a series of never-ending lessons that have shaped and impacted the life she leads.

Anna uses expressionism, an artistic style in which depicts a non-objective reality but rather the subjective emotions and responses that arise within her.

Anna’s deep appreciation of self-awareness and accountability act as the seeds, rooted in all her paintings. Her pieces reflect ways in which we can reclaim love for ourselves, bringing colour and texture to all that is expressed onto a canvas. She finds new eruptions of life every time she paints, making every piece unique.

Her approach is to challenge herself by thinking of a word in which she wants her painting to portray and then is left by her intuitive nature to create a painting that embodies the essence of that word.

The various themes that have influenced her artwork range from the sentimental yearning of nostalgia, change, mental health, changes, personal development, identity, impermanence, relationships, dreams, loss, forgiveness, love and many more other themes connected to the human experience.