Sanitising Super Heroes

Sanitising Super Heroes

You may have seen some staff members walking around The Club wearing what looks like something out of ghostbusters! Instead of ghosts, these clever sanitizing machines annihilate germs!

Ever since the arrival of Covid-19, The Club has taken many safety measures to ensure its members, staff, guests, visitors and contractors are kept safe at all times.

Just recently we have purchased five state-of-the-art sanitation equipment to continue this commitment. The new Vycel Electrostatic Sprayer delivers a positively charged water-based antimicrobial spray through its tiny 40-micron nozzle. These positively charged particles are attracted to anything that is grounded or negatively charged, effectively turning every surface into a magnet.

The positively charged disinfectant particles repel each other thereby creating a mist that evenly coats and wraps surfaces that they meet. The unit uses a fraction of the chemical solutions used in traditional cleaning methods and takes a fraction of the time to apply. Our team are committed to providing a safe environment.

Written by Deputy General Manager (Ops), Dayle Kelly